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Moving with Pets in Newtown, Geelong

Our beloved furry and feathered friends.

Honestly, where WOULD we be without them!

The joy and love they bring to any family is priceless. However I doubt whether they really care for moving house as much as you do! And when we are busy scouting for the perfect abode and packing in anticipation of the big move -  you may want to consider if your new home is pet- proofed....


Don't know whether to rent or buy in Newtown, Geelong?

Rent V’s Buy

Tough decision to make! Do you rent or do you buy? At the end of the day it’s a decision which at some point in time - many grapple with. So what are the pros and cons to both? Let me break it down for you.

Renting definitely has its benefits and you can move on sooner rather than later if you don’t like where you live! Signing a lease for 12 mo...


Home Preppers .... selling homes Newtown, Geelong

Ok let’s talk Street Appeal.  Does your home have that something that nets a potential buyer? Or will they just drive- by...


Don’t risk letting a potential sale slip through your finger tips! Many buyers thinking of attending an open will do a quick drive-by first to decide if they like what they see, and to get a general feel for the nei...


Pakington Street - under the microscope with Graeme Taylor

Pakington Street Newtown. How it has changed. And how the “river end of Pakington Street” has also changed! Wind back the clock thirty years and this end of Pakington Street was once thought of as less desirable! Now, this trendy strip is anything but.

Witness to it all, Director Graeme Taylor has seen the changes evolve over thirty years of doing business in his...


Property for rent Newtown, or airbnb?

Geelong has become quite the destination for holiday makers, especially over the summer months. And what better way to make some extra cash on the side than to rent out your property while you take the family on a holiday yourself!

Ching ching , I hear you all say... but what if it went horribly wrong? The Daily Mail recently published an article “airbnb host loses a proposed $...


Welcome to our new look!

Welcome to our new look!

Thirty years young and still going strong, Graeme Taylor Estate Agents have a fresh new look and we’re excited to re-introduce ourselves to you.

With renovations now complete and sporting a new logo, which captures our credibility, Graeme Taylor has been synonymous with Real Estate in Newtown since 1988.

Company Director, Graeme Taylor, ...


Selling Houses Newtown

Are you thinking of selling??  Trust me it’s no easy feat! Those of us who have sold before know how challenging it can be.  Geelong’s proximity to the Surf Coast and waterfront appeal has baited more Melbourne and interstate buyers to consider living in our beautiful region.

And upon investigating the local real estate market, Newtown is a standout.



Deceased Estate Property Newtown

Selling deceased estate property is not an easy topic to approach given the overwhelming sadness linked with the process of handling a deceased loved one’s property. This will be one of the most difficult times you will deal with and rightly so.

Navigating your way through this time is not easy. Emotions are high and confusion can set in as the process of selling a deceased est...


Find property for rent in Newtown, Geelong

So you’re looking for a property to rent in Newtown, right?

Yep, you know the drill. Search the internet. Attend the open (along with everyone else) ... and hope for the best!

Sure, today’s rental market can be competitive, but enlisting the help of our property managers could have you moving in no time.

Now I ...


"Paris End" Pakington Street Newtown, Geelong

Back in the late 1980’s when the Pakington Street shopping strip in Newtown was undergoing development, the first group of shops under the iconic Pakington Street clock tower were struggling to attract any tenants. We were entering a recession that affected the local market for ten years.

However, there was a terrific character by the name of Jeff Benham who set up and ran a pa...


Thirty Years of Real Estate in Newtown, Geelong

Graeme Taylor Estate Agents has had an involvement selling real estate in Newtown, Geelong, for three decades.

In October 1988 we started our family business, Wray Taylor Real Estate. Our first office was in one of the thirteen newly built shops under the iconic Pakington Street clock tower.

Pakington Street, Newtown was a very different place thirty years ago. Our office was...


Finding property for sale in Newtown, Geelong

You’re looking for property for sale in Newtown, Geelong. Where do you start?

These days there are multitude resources to help house hunters find their dream home. Whereas the Saturday papers used to be the go-to choice of many property searchers, there are now countless websites, soci...