Landlord Information

The Importance of having a Property Management Agent

The Property Management Department is an equal arm to the Sales Department; we pride ourselves on offering the best rental and investment advice to our current and prospective landlords.

Property Management services to our landlords:

Letting Service

  • Provide estimate of potential rental income
  • Provide marketing/advertising recommendations
  • Recommend ways to maximise the property’s appeal to prospective tenants
  • Arrange for the erection of a For Lease Board
  • All advertising including web sites
  • Promote property to agents data base for prospective tenants
  • Provide regular reports on prospective tenants interest
  • Conduct property inspections with prospective tenants
  • Check prospective tenant applications including TICA
  • Submit tenant offers & recommendations
  • Prepare property condition reports at start of lease
  • Photograph the property and include with condition report
  • Prepare lease and arrange signing by landlord/agent & tenant

Management Service

  • Monitor, collect and account for rent
  • Lodge bond/bond claim with RTBA at beginning/end of lease
  • Carry out periodic visual property inspections and report
  • Notify beaches involving non-payment of rent, significant property damage/accidents
  • Prepare and serve Residential Tenancies Act notices
  • Representation of VCAT hearing, including necessary preparation work
  • Engagement (as clients agent) of professional/property services providers and tradespeople
  • Monitor lease expires and advise current rental trends
  • Conduct rent reviews and report
  • Liaise with tenants to arrange prospective tenant inspections
  • Conduct initial inspections at lease end including condition report and report to client

Accounting Service

  • Set up a progressive payment system of rent collection via direct debit/credit
  • Prepare monthly statements of rent collected and outgoings paid
  • Payment of utilities/rates/water rates/land tax/owners corporation fees if required
  • Payment of valuers/architects/engineers/trades/contractors/professional invoices if required
  • Prepare End of Financial Year reports

Transferring Management of your Investment Property

  • Transferring management for your investment property to our Agency is a smooth and seamless process. Once you have signed a Management Authority Agreement which enables Graeme Taylor Estate Agents to act on your behalf, we formally advise your current Agent that the property is being transferred to our Agency and request that they make the file available for collection within 24 hours. There is no cost in the transfer.
  • Once the property has been transferred, we make contact with your tenant to introduce ourselves as their new Agent, explain our office procedures, and make a time to meet in person.