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Selling real estate in Newtown, Victoria

If you're thinking of selling property in Newtown or other Geelong suburbs, Graeme Taylor Estate Agents can ensure you get the right price. Fill in the form on this page and we will contact you with information about:

  • Current market trends and conditions
  • Local property values - crucial when selling real estate
  • The appropriate method to sell your property
  • Results-oriented advertising strategies
  • A detailed timeline of the process when selling real estate.

We regularly hear stories of vendors selling real estate at prices well below the current market value or, at the other end of the scale, asking prices based on little more than guesswork and hope. There is no question that if you plan to sell property, Newtown is one suburb guaranteed to attract buyers' attention, particularly those hunting for a bargain.

It makes no sense to sell your property for less than what somebody seeking to buy residential property in Newtown is prepared to pay. A market appraisal is crucial to ensure your asking price returns what you deserve.

Conversely, even Newtown real estate has a price limit and even the most determined real estate buyers will not exceed that cap. A market appraisal by Graeme Taylor Estate Agents ensures that when you're selling property you're asking and receiving a price that meets the market and your precious real estate doesn't sell too cheaply or sit on the market, unsold.

Graeme Taylor Estate Agents is one of Geelong's most respected real estate agents and has a hard-earned reputation for delivering outstanding prices when selling real estate in Newtown and neighbouring Geelong suburbs.

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