OUR PEOPLE // Graeme Taylor

My parents open their own real estate office in Newtown, Geelong in 1988. I have watched my father auction properties and furniture since I was a teenager and listened for years about my parent's experiences in the real estate industry. It was their resilience and determination to help people get from A to B that I found infectious.

My love for architecture and eye for the finer details pair well in my line of work. As a child I always carried a hammer and nail as I had a natural attraction towards construction. My love for everything old gives me a sense of nostalgia and my keen eye for detail helps with finding the architects flare of design.

Real estate was a natural progression for me in many ways as its just what I've know my of my life. Real estate is a 24/7 career and that in itself is a huge challenge but one that I love and do best.

Outside of work I enjoy the ocean, yoga and martial arts. I swap my work suit for a wetsuit at any opportunity and in fact, I have surfed four of the five oceans in the world. Aside from the ocean I love to enjoy all of the offerings Newtown, Geelong has to offer, ranging from the Barwon River, local cafes and all the people that make this place what it is.