Property for rent Newtown, or airbnb?

Geelong has become quite the destination for holiday makers, especially over the summer months. And what better way to make some extra cash on the side than to rent out your property while you take the family on a holiday yourself!

Ching ching , I hear you all say... but what if it went horribly wrong? The Daily Mail recently published an article “airbnb host loses a proposed $20,000 in income after booking cancelled last-minute“.   

Sigh…honestly my heart sinks.  Could you imagine not getting the $20,000 you were relying on because your guest cancelled at the last minute due to two cockroaches!!!  Nope not me. I would prefer a property for rent in Newtown any day!

Let us do the hard yards on your behalf. Why trudge through rental listings that are nothing like they sound in the ad?

Whether you’re a tenant seeking the perfect property for rent in Newtown or a landlord seeking sound and expert advice our Property Management team can assist you – minus the cancellation fee and the cockroaches.

Now that’s something to smile about.