Don't know whether to rent or buy in Newtown, Geelong?

Rent V’s Buy

Tough decision to make! Do you rent or do you buy? At the end of the day it’s a decision which at some point in time - many grapple with. So what are the pros and cons to both? Let me break it down for you.

Renting definitely has its benefits and you can move on sooner rather than later if you don’t like where you live! Signing a lease for 12 months and signing payments to a loan for the next 30 years are two different things...get what I’m saying!   Yes I know this property isn’t your asset. But neither do you have a mortgage complete with rates payments!   And renting has never been easier when our expert property management team at Graeme Taylor are here to help you.  Packed to the brim with our local knowledge of the rental market, giving you that much needed stress relief in your search for the perfect property for rent in Newtown.

But you want to lay down your hat and call this your forever home? Sure, why not! There is no doubt that buying a property in Newtown is a solid investment. After all, this popular suburb has it all.  With leafy streets, character homes, shopping, cafes and some of Geelong’s best private schools on offer, there’s no better place to secure your future than Newtown.

Still not any clearer which way you want to go? Perhaps you need to explore your options and speak to us, your local Newtown Real Estate experts - Graeme Taylor Estate Agents.