Per your Residential Tenancy Agreement, you are required to provide notice to the agency as below:

  • Fixed lease or periodical lease requires 28 days’ notice in writing/via email to vacate for the property

In the case of a Break Lease:

If you are breaking your fixed term lease prior to the fixed end date, you will be responsible for the following charges:

  • Payment of rent until a new tenancy agreement is signed and commences at the property or when the current tenancy agreement expires,
  • Pay Graeme Taylor Estate Agents a Pro Rata Let fee  plus GST for the screening transfer of a suitable tenant (covers landlord’s re-letting cost),
  • Pay the costs of any advertising to promote the property for re-leasing.

Please note with a written notice delivered 24 hours prior you are legally required to allow Graeme Taylor Estate Agent’s property managers and prospective tenants through the property for the purpose of re-letting.

For more information

If you are planning on vacating your rental property it is important that you read through the Consumer Affairs Vic Handbook “Renting A Home A Guide For Tenants”